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We specialize in affordable and fashionable jewelry. With our excellent team of designers and product developers, we can pinpoint the current trends and quickly act to ensure they are brought to market so that our customers can access the latest trends.

Our sterling silver collections consist of a large variety of Necklace、Ring、Earring、Bracelet、Bangle  and much more.

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Your Expert Jewelry Manufacturer

With three local factories (1400 square meters) and about 150+ skilled workers, Damila has 3 different production lines, with a daily output of more than 20,000 pieces, a production cycle of 5-7 days, a spot value of more than 8 million, and an average of 300 new products per month. 

We have experience of handcrafts high-end jewelry in self-owned factory by a complete quality management system over a decade. We promise that every piece of jewelry goes through 100% quality inspection, instead of random inspection.

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